Today, our technology-driven com-
munication with customers becomes
more and more frequent.Consumers
start to change the way they view
the digital world by shifting their
attention from mobile technology to
the scenes and context in which
they spend time.

Immersive, touch-style space is no
longer out of reach,people tend to
go closerto or even beyond their
real demand.Rebuilding the real en-
vironment becomes a proposition
which cannot be ignored! The rise
of artificial intelligence gives
new ways to people in pursue of
technical innovation.

Jingdong "project T"—artificial intelligence 3D modeling contest is co-sponsored by JD, Intel, HTC VIVE, Xiaomi VR and other industry leading companies , supported by China Augmented Reality Alliance and The School of Power.

The contest is a large-scale technical event which is oriented to outstanding technical teams, innovator studios in China and oversea areas alike, taking artificial modeling and automatic modeling as the core of technical competition in a wish to find and establish innovative tools which will lead to remarkable improvement of online shopping experience.

It aims to concentrate industry innovation power, to upgrade JD VRAR industry alliance, and to bond partners’ work together for win-win situations.

he contest was conducted in the form of a preliminary and final competition


1.With 3D modeling and automatic modeling tools as the core of technology,we promote the fusion of multiple technologies such as artificial intelligence somatosensory and gesture recognition,AR,VR,speech recognition,LBS,face recognition etc,aiming to build a new online shopping experience with new technology.

2.Technical landing services can be sketched out in the following dimensions: 3D shopping experience, scene shopping guide, multi-screen interaction, 3D marketing (customizable special promotional materials, such as characters or spreading materials), technical solutions for targeted industry (such as 3C, Baby, FMCG, home improvement, etc.), and cooperation with external internet flow giants , e.g. Baidu to develop 3D or other shopping experience.

Sign up &
Submit the work

Contest enrollment

April 1st - April 20

Preliminary selection

Final Round

Contest review

April 20th - May 10th

Announce results &
Awards ceremony

May 15th - May 20th

Announce the list of winners

Release strategic cooperation

JD company &Co - organizer company executives

(Focus on business value,consumer terminal value,Integrated application and other selected dimensions)

AR 、VR 、3D technical professionals,industry outstanding representa-

(Focus on core competitiveness,
technical strength, team strength and other selection dimensions)

Domestic and foreign key
universities, joint laborato-
ries,well-known scholars
and industry experts

(Focusing on technical breakthroughs,
technical difficulties,technical
business prospects and other selected dimensions.)

 1.Direct entry to JD technology business alliance, provide 3D model based content for diverse categories of brands through JD platform;privilege to technical service orders.

2.Access to relevant JD platforms and ch
annels for public promotion, easily connected with massive demand side and partners, winning brand popularity and direct income.

  3.Having the opportunity to participate in
brand-marketing technology innovation and dock-
ing practice of JD platform, and apply techniq ues to all kinds of brand activities or promotional festivals for multiple industries;

4. Working with JD to build 3D model material
library, upgrading shopping experience with
the deployment of 3D scenes.

 5. Investment opportunities, overseas incu-
bation and training opportunities from our joint sponsors.

1、Entry requirements:

   Technology companies, maker / personal,studio,
   laboratory forms can participate.

2、Works submitted:

   · Need to submit technical work description ppt and ZIP package;

   · PPT documents should include a brief introduction of developer / team, technical innovation or tools, core methods for implementation;

   · The program needs to include the source code and the installation instructions. It can be runnable HTML5 \ Android \ IOS program.

   *Note: Each team can submit multiple applications or works. Any participating team which is suspected of technical cheating or infringement of intellectual property rights will be disqualified by Organizing Committee and will not be recovered.

3、Registration entry:

4、Contest official


Industry support:

During the competition, the participating partners will be free to try 30 days worth 3,000 yuan 1 to 1 technical advisory services, and free to stay in the cloud service market, the rapid access to Jingdong cloud service ecology, the face of 100,000 + corporate customers.